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WNL Worlds Prep Competition

June 7-9, 2024

Level Up is excited to offer all WNL athletes the opportunity for a WNL Worlds Prep Competition.

This competition will loosely follow the WNL Worlds model with 3 courses utilizing

three different formats. For the purpose of this event, all athletes will have the opportunity at all three courses and all three courses are weighted equally.

Courses will be designed with Worlds level difficulty in mind and is not for beginners.


Stage 1 - Full Course - 1:30 time limit - 7 obstacles

Stage 2 - Flow Course - 2:30 Time limit - 8 obstacles

Stage 3 - Challenge Course - Unlimited Time limit - 7 obstacles


Times listed are the start time for Rules. Check in/Warm up is 30 minutes prior. 

Friday, 6/7:

5:30 PM

Adult & Masters (17)

Saturday, 6/8:

9:00 AM - Preteens (20)

1:15 PM - Teen & Young Adult (25)

Sunday, 6/9:

8:30 AM - Kids (15)

12:15 PM: Mature Kids (20)

Keep in mind, a 3-stage event will take longer so we had to cap the wave # to keep a reasonable schedule (wave caps are listed in parenthesis).
Space is very limited in all waves. Don't delay!

Cost: $80

The World Ninja League will donate four dollars to Neighborhood Ninjas for every athlete who registers to compete in a Worlds Prep competition. Neighborhood Ninjas is a non-profit organization that works to make the sport of ninja more equitable and diverse. Neighborhood Ninjas provides the community with mentor programs, scholarship opportunities and they’re even working to bring a ninja playground to life so more athletes from diverse backgrounds can experience ninja. Learn more about their incredible mission by visiting their website!

(This comp is also a Fundraiser!):

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Other WNL Benefits:

Prep Competitions will also provide Season Points for all participating athletes, adjusting the Season Standings and, by extension, the run order at the Tier 1 Championships! Athletes will also have the opportunity to increase their powerscore with double points for positive growth.

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