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WNL Tier 2 Southeast Regional
Competition at Level Up
Saturday, February 17th, 2024

What is the Tier 2 Southeast Regional?


Tier 2 is designed for less experienced ninjas or ninjas that just want a little more practice in a competition

environment. To be eligible to compete in the Tier 2 Southeast Regional, the athlete must have qualified at

a Tier 2 southeast qualifier event. If you are unsure if your athlete qualified, please reach out to us and

we can check!

It's a three competition format:

1. Qualify at a Tier 2 Southeast Qualifier by placing in the top 3 for male or female divisions

2. Qualify at the Southeast Regional by placing in the top 16 or the top 35% of unique athletes

3. Compete at the Tier 2 Worlds event!


You qualified for the Tier 2 Southeast Regional!

Now come compete to qualify for the Tier 2 Worlds event!!!


This event will offer athletes two course runs!


Tentative Schedule:


Kids (ages 6-8): 9:00 AM

Mature Kids (9-10): 11:15 AM

Preteens (11-12): 1:45 PM

Teen (13-14), Young Adult (15-17), Adult (18+), Masters (40+): 4:15 PM


Awards will follow after completion of each category


Check-in time is 20 minutes prior to start time listed above for each category.

Tier 2 Regionals will consist of two courses: a speed course following our Flow Course format and a longer course following our Full Course format. Athletes will receive points based on their placements on each course (1st Place=1 Point, 2nd Place=2 Points, etc.) and the best combined score will win the Course Overall title – and the Regional Championship.


At the end of each Regional, 16 athletes (or the top 35%, whichever number is bigger) will qualify for the Tier 2 Championships in each division!

Register by February 16th at noon. Run order will be determined based on WNL season league points (athletes with higher points will run later).

Redemption Time/Open Gym to competitors after your group competes/in between waves as time allows.


This is an WNL event. WNL rules and guidelines will be followed. 

View rules here: Rulebook – World Ninja League


All ages: $55

Spectators: $2.00, youth ages will receive one free spectator pass


All Divisions- Prizes for top 3 finishers of each age category​​

*PLUS* A special gift for all athletes that qualify to Tier 2 Worlds!

Open Gym On Friday night?:

Yes, there will be an open gym on Friday night, February 16th, from 5-7:00 PM.

Registered competitors will pay the discounted group rate at $8 each.​

Important things to note: 

- Make sure to fill out the Athlete Info form. We would like to highlight all the athletes on the course!

- Age for WNL is determined on the age a competitor is on January 1, 2024.

-A waiver is required to compete. Each individual will need a recent Level Up waiver (see top right of webpage)

completed and a season 9 WNL waiver completed.

WNL Waiver Here:

- Sorry, no refunds if less than 2 weeks before the event date.

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