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WNL Tier 2 (Beginner) Competition at Level Up
Saturday, October 7th, 2023
Challenge Course format

What is Tier 2?

Tier 2 is designed for less experienced ninjas or ninjas that just want a little more practice in a competition environment. At a Tier 2 event, the course will be designed for beginner-intermediate ninjas.

Who can compete in a Tier 2 event?

Tier 2 is open to beginner/intermediate athletes. To participate in Tier 2 an athlete is only eligible if they were not invited to WNL Premier Series events or have a power score lower than 1574

What is a Challenge Course?

Athletes are allowed to retry two obstacles per Challenge Course. However, athletes may only retry a failed obstacle one time. The athlete must complete the failed obstacle on their subsequent attempt in order to progress through the course. Once the athlete has used up their 2 retries or fails a retry attempt, the run is over.


Have some fun! Compete with your friends! Get nationally  ranked! You could even qualify for a regional event!


Tentative Schedule:


Kids (ages 6-8): 8:30 AM

Mature Kids (9-10) and Preteens (11-12): 10:15 AM

Teen (13-14), Young Adult (15-17), Adult (18+), Masters (40+): 12:30 PM


Awards will follow after completion of each category


Check-in time is 20 minutes prior to start time listed above for each category.


Run order will be determined by the WNL.

Register by October 6th at noon to be placed in the random run order.

Registrations after this time will be placed at the beginning of the run order for their category.

Redemption Time/Open Gym to competitors after your group competes/in between waves as time allows.


This is an WNL event. WNL rules and guidelines will be followed. 

View rules here: Rulebook – World Ninja League


All ages: $35

Spectators: $2.00, youth ages will receive one free spectator pass


All Divisions- Prizes for top 3 finishers of each age category​​

Open Gym On Friday night?:

Yes, there will be an open gym on Friday night, October 6th, from 5-7:30 PM.

Registered competitors will pay the discounted group rate at $8 each.

Important things to note: 

- Make sure to fill out the Athlete Info form if you have never competed at Level Up before

- Age for WNL is determined on the age a competitor is on January 1, 2024.

- Each athlete will need a Ninjaworks ID this season (for first-time NNL competitors, click: Athlete ID – World Ninja) League

-A waiver is required to compete. Each individual will need a recent Level Up waiver (see top right of webpage)

completed and a season 9 WNL waiver completed.

WNL Waiver Here:

- Sorry, no refunds if less than 2 weeks before the event date.

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