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Check out all the Featured Runs from the Team Level Up 23-24 season on this page.

Analise at Rock Solid
NCL - Sept 29

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Analise had a great run at Rock Solid's NCL and our first competition of the season. Analise is a true warrior, overcoming various health obstacles as a young child and now being a Ninja Warrior, she is overcoming obstacles in training, on the course, and in her day to day life! This was her first NCL and really only second regular season competition ever! She crushed the course, achieving a full course clear, and winning second place! We are so proud of how Analise has been putting in the work over the summer and how it paid off at this weekends competition.

Tina at Level Up
WNL - Oct 21

Tina takes 3rd place in the Tier 1 Teen Female competition at Level Up! In her very first WNL teen course, Tina came through with an incredibly clean and efficient run taking 3rd place with a course clear! Tina was able to put her training on display as she's been working hard to improve her speed, power, and technique lately. She has also been impressing us at practice with her willingness to help her teammates succeed. We're very proud of her and certainly looking forward to more course clears & podiums for her this season!

Cooper at Ninja Nation
WNL - Oct 29

Cooper takes 1st place in the Tier 1 Teen Male competition at Ninja Nation! It was a run so quick that you would miss it if you blinked.
Cooper took on the Ninja Nation course and knew what he had to do. He had a quick pace and a speedy top time. It was a flawless run and a display of focus, hard work and max effort (and so much fun to watch)!
Nice work, Cooper! You crushed it, keep it up!

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