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Check out all the Featured Runs from the Team Level Up 23-24 season on this page.

Analise at Rock Solid
NCL - Sept 29

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Analise had a great run at Rock Solid's NCL and our first competition of the season. Analise is a true warrior, overcoming various health obstacles as a young child and now being a Ninja Warrior, she is overcoming obstacles in training, on the course, and in her day to day life! This was her first NCL and really only second regular season competition ever! She crushed the course, achieving a full course clear, and winning second place! We are so proud of how Analise has been putting in the work over the summer and how it paid off at this weekends competition.

Tina at Level Up
WNL - Oct 21

Tina takes 3rd place in the Tier 1 Teen Female competition at Level Up! In her very first WNL teen course, Tina came through with an incredibly clean and efficient run taking 3rd place with a course clear! Tina was able to put her training on display as she's been working hard to improve her speed, power, and technique lately. She has also been impressing us at practice with her willingness to help her teammates succeed. We're very proud of her and certainly looking forward to more course clears & podiums for her this season!

Cooper at Ninja Nation
WNL - Oct 29

Cooper takes 1st place in the Tier 1 Teen Male competition at Ninja Nation! It was a run so quick that you would miss it if you blinked.
Cooper took on the Ninja Nation course and knew what he had to do. He had a quick pace and a speedy top time. It was a flawless run and a display of focus, hard work and max effort (and so much fun to watch)!
Nice work, Cooper! You crushed it, keep it up!

Blake at Motive 
WNL - Nov 5

Blake with 1st place at the Tier 1 Teen Male competition at Motive. Motive is known for creative courses and this one did not disappoint. Brett Sims designed a technical course and in the Teen Male cateogry. Blake acheived a personal goal this weekend being the only course clear in his age division. Blake has really been putting in the work this season and training more on power and strength. He had an excellent run at Motive and is this week's featured athlete!

Kane at Warrior Tech
WNL - Dec 2

Kane with 1st place at the Tier 1 Adult Male competition at Warrior Tech. Kane moved to NC all the way from Hawaii just less than a year ago. He has a love of all things ninja and started at Level Up as a Tier 2 athlete. This season, Kane was ready to compete at the Tier 1 level and Warrior Tech was his very first comp of the season. Kane had a great first run but unfortunately an obstacle was not reset so he was given a rerun. On his rerun, he took first place, despite a pretty nasty head hit on an obstacle! We are so excited to watch Kane continue on his ninja journey this season and watch him grow in the sport of ninja! 

Emery  at Level Up
WNL - Dec 9

Emery takes 2nd place at the Tier 1 Mature Kids Female competition at Level Up. Emery is one of our longest standing team members and we want to give her a shout out for her awesome run at our Level Up Flow Course competition. She was so close to clearing the course within the time limit but she got up there and still hit that buzzer just a few seconds after time ended! She has been training hard, putting in the work, and really gaining some new skills lately in practice. We have watched her push herself through some difficult times in training and we are so happy that she has started putting together some awesome runs!

Jonah at Warrior Tech 
NCL - Jan 6

Jonah is one of our newest team members although he is not new to ninja. Jonah had an awesome run this weekend at the Warrior Tech NCL competition. He was one dismount short of a full clear but it secured him 1st place! He has been willing to work hard and push himself to the next level at practife and we really enjoy watching him progress. We cannot wait to see what other great things Jonah does this season.

Hudson at Motive
WNL - Jan 27 

Hudson was the only Level Up teammate to compete at Motive on Saturday but he did not let the lack of his Level Up community hold him back. Hudson tackled the Motive course and had 2 awesome saves! He really dug deep and ended up clearing 9 out of 10 obstacles! We are so impressed with how Hudson pushed through and gave it everything he had. Keep it up, Hudson!

Ayla at Warrior Tech 
WNL - Feb 3

We want to recognize & congratulate Ayla for her success at this weekend's WNL competition. Ayla cleared a tough, 15 obstacle course and was the only girl of her age division to do so, landing her a hard earned first place win! Ayla is a fierce competitor with the biggest, most kind, and most encouraging personality and we love having her as a part of our team. She has been working so hard on improving her skills and technique lately in the gym. We loved seeing her link with confidence on the course! We are also proud of her for how she has held her own against a stacked field of preteen female competitors. We know she has several great course runs ahead of her this season. Keep up the great work, Ayla!

Charlee at Ninja Nation
NCL - Feb 4 

 This is Charlee’s second full season with our team and she has continued to make progress both in training and at competitions! We want to recognize her not only for her performance at this competition but also how much she has grown in her confidence! She had a few slip ups on the course but continued to fight through some tough grip obstacles and came out with a fourth place finish, just one point shy of a podium position. We’ve seen Charlee really excel with believing in herself and it makes all the difference when trying new, hard obstacles! We hope to see her continue to push herself in training and continue to have fun with competitions this season! We know she’s capable of getting that podium before the season ends!

Caleb at Rock Solid
NCL - Feb 10

Caleb is in a stacked field of competitors this year in the southeast region but he has not let that stop him from getting out there and crushing courses. Since he stepped foot in the gym and found his passion for ninja, he has been training hard and thriving on progressing his skills and his techniques while keeping everyone laughing with his fun personality. Caleb had a great run at Rock Solid where he was able to nearly finish with a full clear besides an upsetting fall on the last obstacle. He was the first person of the day to clear the "broken bars" obstacles which was an awkward transfer move with a mean drop. His run earned him second place at this competition and we know he will be back in the gym this week drilling that slider technique. We look forward to seeing what the rest of the season has in store for Caleb, hopefully many more successful runs!

Max at Level  Up
WNL - Feb 17

Our featured run for this week is Max’s Flow Course from our WNL Tier 2 Regionals! He was able to clear the course & he was the only competitor to do so in the Kids Male division earning him first place on the flow course! Max is new to our team this year but he has been in the gym several times each week working to get better and stronger. We love how Max works on his weaknesses! He had a tough time with balance but after several nights of drilling balance, he has improved so much! Max has been such a fun addition to our team, he started out very quiet but now he is friends with everyone and cheers everyone on during practice! We know he is just going to continue to get better, faster, and stronger with how hard he has been pushing himself and how much he has already progressed! We love seeing our athletes grow in their confidence inside & outside the gym and Max has been a great example of this! We look forward to seeing what the rest of the season holds for you, Max!

Silas at Ninja Nation
WNL - March 2

Our featured run from the challenge course at Ninja Nation is Silas!! Silas has had several great runs this season & this one was no exception! He was the third runner on the course & finished with a full course clear without having to use any of his retries. It was a 10 obstacle course with several longer obstacles in it but he paced himself well and had a smooth, clean run. Silas has always been a fierce competitor who loves to go fast and make big, sometimes risky moves! He’s been throwing some big laches in the gym lately, making some fun challenges, working on his speed, and working on cleaning up while going fast! We’re proud of Silas & his success on this course this season. We look forward to watching him finish the season out well! Keep up the great work, Silas!

Nathan at Ninja Nation
WNL - March 3

For the second competition of the weekend at Ninja Nation we turn our attention to Nathan on Skills! There were 5 exhausting skills at Ninja Nation, some more dizzying than others, but Nathan really performed his best and it paid off for a first place overall finish. Nathan has stepped into a coaching role this season as well as working on his own personal gains. He continues to put his everything into his course runs and has been working hard this season on power! We can't wait to see how he finishes out the season!

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