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Level Up Team Competition

Who is ready for our next team competition?!



Saturday, May 8th

Competition will begin at 5 PM



$25 per person



This competition will consist of three stages:

Stage 1: RELAY RACE! A 3-4 man relay on our side by side course.

Stage 2: BALANCE! A course with 18-20 obstacles with a tag off in the middle.

Stage 3: GRIP and ENDURANCE! Another long course with 18-20 obstacles and a tag off in the middle.


We will be using a point system for scoring and then fastest time. Each obstacle clear will earn one point and an obstacle failure earns 0 points.  Competitors will continue advancing on the course until time runs out or the course is successfully cleared.



All ages are welcome to compete but the course will be designed for adults. If a person under 14 chooses to compete, teams of 3 can only have 1 member under 14 and 4 person teams can have 2 members under 14.

Any individuals that do not have a full team are welcome to sign up and we will place you with a team.


Team Competitions are a blast and we cannot wait to bring you a night of friendly competition and fun!

Are you a gym owner looking to pay for a whole team? Email us and we will send you a payment link for everyone.




Don't have enough people to form a team? Don't worry about. We can match you up!

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